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Bug spray and small pests

Part I sent by SAZZORay1967 and uploaded on data 11/February/2003 03:50:57

Trent is 6 foot 6 inches tall and a massof rippling muscle from his daily workout. He is dark haired witha moustache and a very square jaw, possibly the most handsomehunk on this planet and straight to boot. Jay thought this as didmany others both straight and gay guys. Jay was slightly smalleralthough he did have a good body but no where nears as impressiveas Trent's. He was blonde and gay and lusted after Trent. In thegym Jay followed Trent from one piece of apparatious to another.Trent had noticed this for the last couple of weeks and wasgetting pissed off with it. After all he didn't want the otherguys to think he wanted the advances of this guy. Trent Finishesup and strides over to the locker room, he throws his towel ontothe bench and sits down to begin to undress. Jay follows as Trenthad expected he would, he was really getting pissed at this guy.Jay had the locker opposite from Trent so that he could get theperfect view when his muscled hunk undressed. Trent slipped offhis gym shoes and pulled off his sweaty socks standing barefooton the cold tiled floor. He pulled off his shirt and shorts. Hefelt a burning sensation in his back; the kind you get when youknow someone is staring at you. Trent swings round just in timeto see Jay looking agog at the beautiful sculpted body of the godTrent. "What the fuck you looking at you little shit?"He bellows at Jay. "N n nothing, nothing at all, I was just,"Jaystammers fearful of being caught. "You are always followingme, watching me, what are you some kind of perverted queer? Youare nothing more than a pest and you will be sorry." Trentreaches into his bag and pulls out a new bug spray he bought forhome. He tears off the lid and gives a long spray into the faceof his admirer. "The guy in the store said it reduces allknown pests, and you are the biggest pest I have ever come across.

This will teach you to stare at people."Jay coughs and splutters on the fumes, the spray forms a bluecloud round the young guy and small Glistening droplets form onhis skin. Trent doesn't pay any attention to this; just thinkingit will choke the little shit a bit. While Jay is splutteringTrent whips off his briefs and wraps his towel around his waist.As the cloud disperses both Jay and Trent notice the droplets onJay's skin, as they both stare the droplets are soaked into hisskin. Jay feels a little odd, a little light headed, something iswrong. Jay is beginning to shrink, just an inch or two to beginwith, not at all noticeable but then the process begins to speedup and Trent looks at the diminishing guy before him. Smug lookscome over his face. "Well I know it's supposed to reducepests but this is even better than I thought." "Heywhat The fuck's happening to me, what have you done you arsehole?"Jay's clothes loosen around his body, he looks at his god who iseven more god like at his larger size, but no, it's not his godwho is larger it his he who is smaller and still getting shorterby the second. "Well I said you were the biggest pest around,but you are becoming a smaller problem even as I look at you,this is just so awesome." Trent walks over to where thediminishing Jay stands. Jay takes off frightened of what thegiant looking jock might do to him. He turns to see how farbehind him Trent is and slips in his own sneaker. "Hey whereare you going to short stuff? I thought you wanted a closer look,you are always staring at my body, and you can take as close alook as you want."Trent grabs Jay's head and forces it intohis crotch. Jay struggles and pulls off Trent's towel in theprocess. He stops and just stares at the huge dick that confrontshim.

Jay forgets himself and what has happenedand begins to nuzzle this piece of monumental meat. Trent watchesas he sees the tiny guy having to lift his head to keep nuzzlingas he gets progressively smaller. Trent is by no means gay butthis just feels so good. The power he has over some otherinsignificant being. Feeling the power of being this mans god youthrow him backwards and tangled in his own too large clothes Jayfalls to the floor. Trent walks over to get a cool drink and whenhe returns Jay is cowering in a corner in a pile of his ownclothes. He must only be 12 inches by now. Trent reaches forwardand lift his prize up by his ankle. Jay is lifted right out ofhis clothes. Hi miniscule form wriggles and flails in the air."Hey look I didn't mean any harm, please let me go, I'll notsay anything, please." Begs Jay. Whether through fear orwhat Jay is aroused and Trent notice's his pets tiny little hardon. Still struggling Jay is brought up to Trent's face. "Whyyou must be only 12 inches, my own little living Ken doll. Begrateful small fry you seem to have stopped shrinking, and justlook how hard it has made you." Jay is held in front ofTrent's mouth and Trent's huge lips wrap around the tiny dick.Trent begins to suck off his prize. He feels a few little squirtsof salty cum hit the back of his throat. Jay's body scrapes overTrent chin and he feels the prickling of his stubble, somethingthat wasn't too noticeable at his normal size. After Jay has comeTrent pulls him away from his face and begins to examine his pet.

He had never expected the bug spray to dothis. He thanks his lucky stars that he didn't use it at home orhe might have been this little toy himself. Jay wriggles for hisfreedom and bites into one of his giant captor's fingers. Trentshakes his hand and lets his toy fall. Jay lands in his Trent'sgym bag. "You little shit you'll pay for that, and after Imade you wildest fantasy a reality." He reaches into his bagin hope of grabbing his pet. Jay dives for cover hidden amongTrent's clothes, hiding in one of the huge sneakers. Trent grabswhat at first he thinks is Jay, but it is cold, it's the spray."Well if you want to play it that ay then that's how we willplay it." He bellows into the bag. Jay shivers in the gymshoe not knowing what to expect. Trent lets a long blast of thespray fill his sports bag and zips it up. "That'll teach youto bite your master you little shit. You were too big to handleproperly before but this time you will be a piece of cake."Coughing and spluttering Jay's squeaky voice cries out,"Pleaselet me out, what did I ever really do to you. I never did you anyharm." Trent unzips the bag and his tiny foe falls out ontothe cold floor tiles. Trent crouches down to look at his pet thatis still blinded by the fumes and getting smaller all the time.Jay holds out his arms in front of him reaching out for somethingto grab to steady himself. He touches something and grabs on forsupport. Jay's vision clears and he see what it is he is heldonto, his giant erect dick. He lets go and runs for all his lifeis worth. Trent stands up and Jay runs, smack bang into one ofTrent's feet. Jay realises he must now be only 6 inches as hesees the gigantic foot raise above his head. He runs again andheads for the lockers. Trent follows slowly, knowing that in justa few steps he can cover more ground than his toy. Stillshrinking Jay continues to run.

He reaches the lockers but what to do now.He is only 2 inches by this time. He has his back against thecold grey metal locker. Trent sits on one of the benches andslides his bare foot towards his prey. Jay is now trapped betweenthe locker and a huge sweaty smelly foot. Trent pulls Jay to thefloor with his foot and lightly puts pressure onto his pet. Jaywriggles and squirms under the huge foot. He pulls himself upfrom between the big toe and the next. He looks up to see histormentor jacking himself off. The pressure of the foot isreleased as the giant reaches climax. His chance for freedom, Jaytakes off and runs. Trent shoots his load and it hits Jay rightin the centre of his back. The force throws him to the floor andmore cum keeps shooting onto the tiny man. He slips about in thelake of goo. Hot, sticky and salty. Trent bends down and picks uphis toy. He is placed onto the bench and Trent slams his hugedick down in front of his prize. "Clean off all my cum, andmake a good job of it or you will be crushed underneath this manmeat. You little prick."Jay stands to his full height andbegins to lick, he doesn't want to admit it but he quite likeshis job. His tongue reaches inside the giant dickslit. This makesTrent feel real good. He moves away leavening his toy lookingperplexed on the ginormous bench. Holding out his hand he reachesdown and picks up his pet. "You fucking arsehole let me go."ScreamsJay in the tiniest of voices that is hardly hearable to the humanear. "You really seem to like that word don't you shithead,Ares hole, well if you like it that much then you can see itclose up." Trent bends over the bench and with his free handpulls apart his butt cheeks. Holding his pet over the crack hepushes him feet first into the hole. "Enjoy your new homearsewipe" As jay struggles it only pulls his further inside.

His arms and head are all that issticking out when he sees a giant finger hover over his head."No please, you can't this is unfair. I'm a human, a livingbeing." "You are nothing but a little bug. My littlebug to do with as I wish." And with that one last push andwith a slurp his whole body is pushed and sucked inside the giant'sbutt. Jay is slipping and sliding inside the arse of his giantcaptor. Covered in sticky cum and slime from the arse. The smellis over powering. He beats frantically to be released. This onlymakes Trent harden once more. The feeling of his prisoner movingabout in his back passage is just too much. His dick grows withevery movement. It is so long that he can shove it between hislegs and all the way to his butt. With his fingers he opens hishole, aims and shoots his wad into his own arse. His hole fillswith the amounts of cum he shoots. Jay feels like he is in awhirlpool. He sees his chance and grabs foot the foreskin of thedick. As the dick is pulled out so is Jay. Fresh air at last. Hethought he would die in there. Trent spots his toy but pretendsnot to notice him. He walks over to the showers and turns on thewater. Jets of warm steamy liquid flow over his body. He lathershimself up and cleans away all the goo and shit from his body.Jay begins to slip and holds tighter onto the foreskin. Trentlooks down to acknowledge his pet. "Why you could fall toyour death there my tiny pet." Trent laughs and pulls backhis foreskin and slides the struggling form onto his dick beforepulling the skin back over leavening only his captive's headsticking out. Trent leaves the shower and goes for piss.

The splashes hit jay in the face. Hestruggles and manages to free his arms and with tremendousstrength pulls himself out. Only to fall onto the foot of hisgiant. The wet foot is slippery and Jay slides down onto the coldtiles. Trent slides his foot on top of his captive and clencheshis toes round the body. He can hear people coming from the gym.What to do with his pet now? Trent then pulls out the spray andsquirts his slave once more. As his form shrinks more Trent liftshis toy and slips him into his pisslit. At first it is tight, butas Jay shrinks more it becomes more manageable. Screaming for hisfreedom does nothing for this tiny speck of shit. His head ispushed all the way inside and as his body still shrinks he slideseasily down inside the slit. Darkness surrounds his body, but hecan feel his dick erecting, so can Trent, he can feel the tinydick getting stiff inside his own. The feeling is just too much.He begins to explode and inside his dick Jay can feel the warmsticky liquid touch the soles of his feet. The force is too greatand great wads of cum shoot out across the locker room with onetiny little extra piece of life with them. Jay lands in his ownpile of clothes. The locker room door opens as four of Trentworkout buddies enter to take their showers. Jay regainsconsciousness and looks around. He is 10mm tall and runs over thefloor. Derek, one of the jocks sees him, "Damn bugs they getevery where." He stamps but misses.

The four guys strip and enter the shower.Trent must get this bug sized shit and dispose of him properlynow before anyone else sees him and realises it is not a bug. Hespots the tiny form cowering under a bench and sprays him onelast time. He picks up his captive and watches as he shrinksslowly in the palm of his hand. This is it my little arsewipe,your life is over. He slowly brings his finger down over the tinyform. Squeaks come from his hands as he lowers his finger down ontop of the form. Trent can feel the body crush under his fingerand presses it harder until there is nothing left but a littlepulp and a smudge. Derek comes from the shower and sees Trent,"Damnbugs, I told you they get every where," he spots the sprayin your bag. "Mind if I use this in here?" "Sure,but wait for me to leave, the smell makes me feel sick."Trent licks the remains off his finger and dresses. Just as hegets to the door he shout over to Derek,"Make sure you useplenty of that, use the lot, it works wanders." He smiles tohimself as Derek sprays the whole can in the locker room where heand three other unsuspecting jocks begin to dress.

The End.

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