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The Gypsy Curse

Part I sent by SAZZORay1967 and uploaded on data 13/February/2003 02:29:26

Jared was in his mid thirties and wasspunk. He was 6 foot 4 inches tall with short blonde hair. Helooked much younger than his years. He lived alone ever since hisboyfriend had left him for another guy. That was over eightmonths ago. He had come home early one day and caught him in bedwith the mailman. That was the end of it for the two of them. Hehad had no one else since. He went to get his paper when hespotted the gypsy again. He rushed in and closed the door. "Damn,I hope he didn't see me." Jared had said to himself. Hereally thought that the dark young gypsy was a handsome man, butstill felt a peddler was of a much lower class than himself.Although he thought the gypsy was the hottest thing around, hedid have his standards; after all he was a high-flying executivealmost at the top. Then it happened, that knock. The knock of thegypsy. Jared opened the door to the most handsome of men he hadever seen in his life. His heart missed a beat. He was 6 footstraight, had a dark and mysterious complexion. He had a five-oclock shadow and strong moustache. His hair was shoulder length,wavy and dark. He wore a waistcoat with no shirt, tight jeans andbare feet. This had always struck Jared as odd, that he alwayshad bare feet, not that he complained.

The gypsy had the most amazing masculinefeet, well groomed feet and manicured nails. And even though hewas always barefooted they were always clean. He had musculararms and hands a six-pack stomach you could bounce a quarter off.He was a true god. But Jared was determined not buy his junk."Buy something from a gypsy sir. Good luck charms wishcharms and potions." Said the gypsy. "I'm sorry I cantafford anything, you see I'm a bit short at the moment. Call nexttime and I may get something." Jared said haphazardlylooking straight at this guys growing bulge, hoping he hadn'tnoticed where his glance had taken him. "I'll be back in afew days sir, see you then." Jared closed the door andleaned up against it. He had done it; he had actually managed tosay no to the god like creature. He felt good and looking downsaw his own huge erection pressing against his trousers. He feltso turned on at the fact he was stronger over his gypsy god, atleast he figured he was being bigger. This happened for threeweeks. The gypsy would knock, Jared would look him up and down,stare at his perfect clean feet and bulge and say "I'm sorrybut I'm a little short at the moment." He would close thedoor and have a huge erection. He wouldn't be able to continuewith this because he knew sooner or later the gypsy would juststop coming to his door. "That's it," thought Jared,"I will buy a charm this time, just to keep him sweet."There was that thunderous knock he had come to know and love?Jared opened his door, wearing only a skimpy bathrobe. Therestood the gypsy and Jared looked down at him, as her always did,looking directly at those perfect bare feet. Before Jared hadtime to say a word the gypsy piped up, "feeling a littleshort today?" Jared felt the tone had large hints of sarcasmand was not at all pleased with this. "No, I'm not, but keepup with that tone and I won't buy any of your rubbish."Jared knew before he had finished that he had said the wrongthing. The gypsy took a small piece of folded paper out of hispocket.

As he opened it up, "want to have alook?" Jared leaned closer but all he could see was a bit ofsilver powder. "Big deal you sell glitter, so what."The gypsy blew hard and the powder flew into Jared's face anddown his throat. He chanted a few words and laughed. Jared chokedand coughed, "You fucking idiot, what did you do that for?""Are you sure your not a little short?" Asked the gypsyagain. Jared noticed the expression on the gypsy's face. It waskind of a mixture between evil and smug. Jared looked down at thegypsy's feet and then up at his face. "Wait this isn't right,I shouldn't be looking up at you; you are shorter than I am.""Not anymore sir, see I knew you were a little short today."The gypsy laughed. Jared could see the world he knew growingbefore him as his robe slid off his shrinking form. He turned andran indoors leaving his robe in the entrance. The gypsy walked inslowly after him. He could see the shrinking figure coweringbehind a briefcase on the floor. He must be no bigger than 1 inchtall. Gathering up his confidence, Jared walks out into the openand stands in front of his gypsy giant. Screaming up at him,Jared yells "what have you done to me, why?" "That'ssimple my little man, you were the one who kept on telling me youwere a little short. I figured why not let him feel what it islike to really be short, and there you are." "Make mefull size at once and then leave my home. You had no right to dothis." The gypsy just grins "No right, no right. Youhave done nothing but look down your nose at me lie and offend mefor three weeks.

This is not some game. You have beencursed ." "No, just because I wouldn't buy your charms,I am a man, a big man. You have to return me to my normal size. Iwill call the police if you don't." "Go ahead tiny man,if you can reach." Laughed the gypsy as he reached down topick up the tiny naked man between his forefinger and thumb. Hedropped the inch tall man into his other palm and looked down onhim like some colossal god from the heavens. Jared climbed to hisfeet in the sweaty palm. He looked at his world, and dropped backto his knees. "A man you may be but not a big man, not anymore and never again. Your life is as the insignificant bug youhave now become. You are my little lucky charm." Jared didn'tlike the way this giant said that. What did he mean lucky charm?"And don't think I didn't notice the way you looked at my,"the gypsy grinned, "at my shorts. You want to take a looklittle one?" Before Jared had a chance to open his mouth thegypsy had pulled his shorts open and Jared was looking at the bighard cock below. He was in awe at the size it seemed to be now tohis own diminutive size. "Take a closer look." And thegiants hand tilted as Jared slid into the space below and landedon this large warm piece of flesh. "Hold on tight my goodluck charm." Was the last thing Jared heard as the lightvanished from his world? He crawled to the end to feel the warmmushroom head, and came face to face with something cold. It madehis jump, but on feeling in the dark he felt a ring. "My godhis cock has been pierced, how can anyone have that done?"He said to himself. He leaned over a little and felt the smallglobs of precum drip from the slit. He washed his hands in it. Ashe found himself in this predicament he would make the most of it.

Why should he not enjoy this ride? Heslid his hands inside the piss slit and touched the sides. Hefelt the cock twitch a little. "This was good." He said.Using the ring as a safety bar he lowered his tiny form over theend of this huge monster and slid both his tiny bare feet insidethe slit. He managed to get both legs in up to his knees but nofurther. He wriggled them round inside and could tell the gypsyfelt this because his cock grew and the slit tightened around histiny legs. Wiggling his toes he felt his own tiny cock becomehard. This felt just so wonderful. Jared pulled out his legs andswinging on the cock ring he slipped his own, normally enormous,cock inside the slit and shot his own tiny amounts of juiceinside this giant piece of flesh. Just as Jared hit his climaxhis world was filled with light. Looking down at his tiny captivethe giant gypsy laughs. "So you find my hard cock excitingmy little lucky charm?" Why did he keep referring to Jaredas a lucky charm, what had been done to him was by no means lucky.Giant fingers reached down and wrapped around the tiny mans bodyand he felt himself rise, he was dropped onto a large table. Thegypsy watched as Jared got to his feet to survey his surroundings."What are you going to do with me?" Demanded the tinyman. "You'll see." Replied the giant as he left theroom. Now was Jared's chance. He raced to the edge of the tableand began to climb down a lamp flex. He made short work of thisas he knew his captor would be returning soon and he needed toget out of sight. He was running over the wooden floor when thegypsy returned. The giant man spied at once the tiny figureracing over the ground.

He slammed his foot down in front of thetiny man. Jared had no time to stop and smacked into the side ofthis enormous bare foot. He bounced off and fell onto his back.He had just got his bearings back when he saw the huge fleshcoloured shape loom over his diminutive body. The huge footslowly lowered on top of the tiny man, pinning him underneath it.Jared struggled and squirmed. Screaming at the top of his tinyvoice. To the giant the sounds were barely there at all. Heclenched his huge toes round the small body. This made him soaroused. His huge cock forced it's way out of the shorts and ashe reached climax he released the pressure on his tiny captive.Jared crawled forward before the foot came back down on top ofhim once more. He gasped for breath and turned to look up at hisgiant tormentor's face. Just to see the huge torrents of hotwhite cum head straight for him. He had no time to move before hewas hit square in the chest with the sticky salty juice. He wascovered from head to toe in the goo. He wished he had neveranswered the door this morning.

The giant knelt down and began to lickthe cum off Jared. First the huge tongue licked down his chestand onto his own tiny erect dick. Then flicking him over the verytip of this piece of pink flesh entered his butt, licking out thecum. Then it slowly reached down to his toes, and the soles ofhis feet. This felt so good to Jared, although he knew he shouldnot be enjoying it. The tiny figure lay relaxed as this hugetongue finished its work. Jared lay on his stomach Elated at thefeeling that had come over him. He was quickly brought back tohis senses as he felt the coldness of metal on his body. Beforehe knew what had happened there were tiny manacles on his wrist.He was hoisted up into the air by his arms and kicked wildly withhis legs. "Now now my little good luck charm, don't struggleyou will only hurt yourself." The giant laughed at thepathetic form before him. "You liked my huge cock so muchthat that is where you are going to be spending the rest of yourlife." With that the giant clipped the tiny man on to thecockring he had. The miniscule figure just hung there with hisface staring right inside the piss slit. He now realised that hisnew role in life was to be nothing more than a tiny lucky charmon a ginormous cock. He knew that each and every time his giantmaster went for a piss he would get the full brunt and he wouldhave to wallow in the cum of this god. If only he had not lookeddown on this gypsy as his inferior he would not at this moment intime have the same gypsy looking down on him. He had gone from abig shot big man to a one-inch cock accessory. This morning lifeto Jared had seemed so full of possibilities and now he had nohope for life at all. He only had one wish left in life, and thatwas that his pathetic miserable life would be short. But he knewhis master would make sure he had a long life, just to prolonghis punishment.

The End.

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