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The Shrinking Bracelet

Part I sent by Warren J. Vehec and uploaded on data 05/February/2003 19:37:43

I closed the door of my apartment as Isighed with relief. It was Friday at last. It was one those weekswhere the days and minutes seem to drag on and I couldn't waitfor the weekend to start. Murphy's Law kicked into a full effect.It usually goes like this: When you want something bad enough,chances are something's gonna go wrong. Sure enough, it did.Pretty much all week, I've been cleaning up my mistakes.

I set my briefcase down at the table andwent into the garage to pick up my mail. I groaned at the boxfilled with letters. Bills, no doubt I thought.

After pulling out the stack of mail, Inoticed that there was a box at the bottom. I frowned as I triedto remember if I had ordered anything. I flipped the box over,trying to find a return address. There wasn't any.

I carried the mail inside to the kitchen.Grabbing a steak knife, I cut away the packaging tape around thebox and opened the box. A black wristband and some sort of remotelaid inside the box. Still nothing jogged my memory on what Iordered. At the bottom of the box, I found a letter.

It read:
Hey Jake, (that's me)
I bet this is the surprise hat you never expected. Anyway, I didit! I was able to create a replica of the collar...

"@!#$!" I said in a whisper.The package came from one of my long time chatter, Ibit. Iremember about two months ago, I told him about a story that Iread, "The Shrinking Collar" by Halfpint Pete. I toldhim that I thought it would be cool if such a thing were possible.I love the idea of be able to shrink. I love to see the womentowering over me like a giantess. Ibit told me that he might beable to put something together that could do what I wanted. Ithought he was joking and so I played along and told him to makeme one and send me the bill.

Well, he sent me the bill about a monthago for $20. Playing along with him, I sent him a money order forthe amount. I didn't think anything was going to come out of it.Ibit still played along with the joke, by sending me the package.Staring at the items on the table put a rush through my body. Inreality, I love the idea of shrinking and being in a world filledwith giantess. It's been kind of a fantasy of mine. Somethingabout the idea of women towering over me really excites me. At 5'8",there's not that many women who could tower over me. Mygirlfriend knows about my desire, but she's not too keen on theidea of her being taller than I. No matter how much she loves me,she doesn't think it's healthy for me to have this kind offantasy. Her last husband stood only 5 feet tall while shetowered over him by 5 inches. She hated the idea of not beingable to wear heels around him. Her ex's family frowned on theidea of a woman being taller than her spouse. More or less, theywere the ones who drilled that idea into her.

So when Alice is not around, I indulgedmyself into my fantasy. I've scourged the internet for picturesand stories. I've even written stories, but I've never had thecourage to post them. Anyway, I pulled the wristband and theremote from the box. I stared closely at the strap and saw blackwirings engraved into the material. A clock was sew into it todisguise the device. Pretty clever, I thought. A part of mescreamed saying that the device will never work. It's notpossible to reduce a human being. There's no way Ibit could havecome up with away to shrink anything. Another part of me wascurious. I wanted to find out if it really worked or not. I couldbe living out my fantasy instead of dreaming about it. I knew mygirlfriend would probably be furious at me for even thinkingabout it. But if it really works, I would get my chance to findout what it's like to be six inches tall. I could always revertmyself back to normal and she'd never know about it. I snappedthe bracelet on my wrist. I stared at the band. From a distanceit could be mistaken for a watch, which was cool and goodthinking of Ibit. Scanning through the letter, I found theinstructions to operate the remote.

@!#$! This was going to require some mathon my part. I wasn't all that good at it. At least Ibit was smartenough to provide me a detail list how it's done. I decided that12 inches shorter would be a good start. I didn't want to makemyself too small and not be able to get back if something goeswrong. "Let's see, I'm 5'8". So five times 12 equal to60 plus eight makes me about 68 inches tall. Minus 12 inchesmakes that 56 inches..." I rambled on. According to Ibit'sinstruction, I needed to figure out at what percentage I need toreduce myself to 4'8". It took me a few minutes to figure itout and then to double-check it. I got it me close enough to it.I punched in ...17.64% into the remote. My hand shook as I heardmy girlfriend's voice screaming into my ear. She warned me thatif I want to be faithful to her, I would forget this whole idea.This was a sure way to loose her. She would dump me for someonewho didn't even have my fantasies. Shutting out the voice, Iclosed my eyes and pressed the 'execute' button. Last thing Iremember was intense pain. The sunlight streamed through theblinds, beating on my face. Christ! The sunlight felt brightenough to burn through my eyelids.

God, did I have too much to drink againlast night? No, that wasn't right. I don't drink anymore. Istruggled to move my hand to block the excruciating glare of thesun. My entire body felt stunned. It almost felt like the time Iwas stupid enough to take on a cardio class and weight trainingon my first day at the gym. Where am I? I think I'm lying on thefloor. Damn, my carpet stinks. Is it time for me to vacuum again?Oh great! I've got a sunlight that's trying to sunburn the skinof my eyelids. My body hurts like hell and carpet stinks to highheaven. What else can go wrong? Suddenly the phone rang loud. Imean LOUD! @!#$! I'm gonna go deaf if this keeps up. Ignoring thebrightness, pain, and smell, I scrambled up and snatched theportable phone from the cradle. I'm wishing that I hadn't answerthe phone. My girlfriend, who was equally as loud the phone,screamed, "Where in the hell were you? I've been calling andcalling you forever!" I coughed as I struggled to set thephone comfortable against my ear and cheek. For some reason thephone felt a little bulky.

Frantically, I tried to remember if therewere any plans we were going to do tonight. I drew a blank anddecided to take a gamble, "I'm sorry Alice. I guess I laiddown and for a nap and overslept. If it's too late for theopening of the ballet, we can go dancing if you like." Thatdidn't sound right. "Have you seen what time it is?"Her voice was still too loud for my taste. I glanced at theclock, "Yes, it's 7:15 pm." "Try 7:15 AM! Don'tgive me that crap you fell asleep! Where were you?" "Itold you I passed out!" "From what? Drinking?""No! I haven't been drinking!" "Better not have! Istill don't buy it, but I'll let you off the hook." "Canwe meet later? I'm about to head for the gym this morning andthen we can do anything you want for the day. How's that?""What? Now you're tired of talking to me? Maybe I'm not goodenough for you anymore!" "Alice! Please! Give me abreak! I just want to go exercise! Is that too much to ask?""Fine then! I'll see you later!" Then she hung up on mebefore I could say anything.

It was fruitless to even think of callingher back. I knew from past experiences to let my girlfriend cooldown before even attempting to call or talk to her. I hung up thephone and made my way to the bedroom. I staggered a bit as Itried to regain my balance. Boy, whatever I did last night sureknocked me for a loop. I can't even remember what I did. Hell,I'm still wearing my suit. Maybe a shower will help me clear mymemory. I opened the closet where I kept my shower towels. Damn,since when did the top shelf look so far away? It took an effortfor me to snatch a terry cloth from the top shelf. I pulled mynecktie off and tossed it on the bed. Something sparked themoment the tie left my fingers. Did something happen? I look atthe tie. It looked the same, except it look a little bigger. Idropped the tie but no sparks came. Must be my imagination. As Iundid my buttons on my shirt, I stepped out of my loafers,colorful sparks crackled. I yelped as I jumped back. What in thehell is going on here? I bent down and picked up my shoes. Therewas no mistaking it. It was definitely bigger! I sat down on thebed and measured the shoe to the bottom of my foot. The shoe waslonger than my foot by a good five inches! Did I shrink orsomething? My deepest fantasy was a reality! I felt myself getexcited as I looked around the room. Everything did look bigger.I grabbed a pen from my desk and aligned myself against the wall.After making a mark at the top of my head, I snatched themeasuring tape and measured the mark. "Oh @!#$!" Igasped. I am now 4'8" tall.

A whole foot shorter! What in the hellhappened to me last night? Why can't I remember what happen? Ifrowned as I took off my shirt that it exploded back to itsnormal size. I stared at the black wristband. Suddenly Iremembered everything! Everything from the gift from Ibit to mylast thought as I punched for the ratio change, I remembered.Damn! That must have been a hell of a shock for me to forget whathappened last night. I thought about restoring myself back tonormal, but discarded the idea. The shock might make me looseanother half a day and I don't want Alice to be any more upsetwith me. Besides, it might be fun to see her taller than me. Mycock became very aroused at the thought. It became even morearoused when I thought about a gym full of fitness gals. If Ihurried I might still be able to see them. I threw the rest ofthe clothes off, ignoring the sparks. As I rushed through takinga shower and my usual toiletry, I discovered some of mylimitation. I found that not only was I shorter, but also wassensitive. My normal water temperature was too hot for my skin tobear. My toothbrush was too large to properly brush my teeth andgums. The most disturbing fact of all was none of my clothes fitsme anymore. @!#$! Nothing fits me, now that I'm a foot shorter. Ihad to do a bit of searching in the back of the closet until Icame across a pair of spandex bicycle shorts that I had outgrownyears ago. Actually I refused to wear something that shows off mymanhood too much. Especially when I get excited.

I put on the shorts, which stayed upbarely, a shirt that was clearly double size too large for mysmall frame. I knew I couldn't go to the gym like this. Thismeant a trip the sporting good store. I knew I had to go thereanyway since I didn't have any shoe that fits me. I knew I wasadequately, but I still felt naked. My clothes hung on my smallbody. I wasn't in my best shape. Like about 40% of the men inAmerica, I was 30 lbs overweight. At my girlfriend's urging Istarted going to the gym 2 to 3 times a week. Gradually my weightstarted coming down, but not as fast I would like it to. Islipped on an old pair of flip-flops which was too large. I couldhelp myself when I walked. I felt like I was wearing a pair ofscuba fins. I just hope to god that no one's sees me when I comeout of the house. I hate to be the laughingstock of the apartmentcomplex. I was grateful that the traffic was fairly light as Idrove down the street. I kept sitting up straighter so I couldsee over the hood of my car. For the life of me, I couldn't seehow anyone shorter than 5' tall is able to drive a car withouthitting someone. Using the back streets, I avoided the majorstreets since I didn't want to attract the attention of a policeofficer. With a few minutes more, I managed to arrive at thestore just when it was opening. I could see that there was onlythe store manager and the cashier in the sporting good store. Ididn't relish the idea of people staring at me, while I try tofind my new size clothing. Now, I can go at my leisure and nothave to go through a pile of discarded clothes.

After several attempts at trying on thesmallest men's clothing, I was forced to the boys' section to getanything that fits me. I groaned at the thought of having to wearthose stupid Pokemon's accessories. I wanted to wear men'sclothes so that I can be recognized for a man, not a little boy.But even wearing the smallest in the men's section still fittedme like a tent. Damn! Looks like I'm stuck to wearing clothes inthe boys' section. It took me several minutes to find somethingthat didn't make me look like a child. I met my first giantess atthe cashier. She couldn't have been more than 17 years old. Theblonde hair young woman stared at the bubble gum that she twirledaround her finger, probably wishing she was anywhere but here.She was a few inches taller than I, but that was from myperception. For all I know, she could stand about five feet tallwhile she looked six to me. Since reducing myself, I reallyhaven't thought it would do to my dept perception. Now I am. Thisyoung woman was slender as a willow. She was very attractive. Iwouldn't be surprise to know that she has a score of boys mooningfor her. She looks like the type that's afraid of going to thegym because she'll bulk up with muscle. The cashier's bestdescription would be small and slender. But that's what I mightsee at my normal height. At my reduced height, the blonde womancould have easily been one of the linebackers for the footballteam. With her six-foot frame and heavier density of her body,she'd have no problem holding me down. I wasn't very strong at mynormal size so, I'd probably be weak at my new height. The blondecashier stared down at me. Her blue eyes locked into a trance.

After a few seconds, I couldn't take moreof her staring at me. "Hello?" I said to her. Still noresponse, so I waved my hand in front of her face. It was quite areach for me since I had to lean over the counter to reach her.Her blue eyes blinked rapidly as if she was coming out of a dream.She gasped in a shock, "Oh, I'm sorry! I didn't mean tostare at you. You looked like... Just that..." she stoppedherself from blurting out something. "It's just what? Isthere something wrong?" I baited her to say more. "Ohnothing! You'll think I'm being rude," she blushed shyly."Young lady, you started something, go a head and finish it.I'm not the sort of person who'll get mad about a little honestcriticism." I encouraged her to continue. The blonde cashiernervously licked her lips. I could see her eyes scanning me over.Did she know the difference? "You, umm... look smaller.""Smaller? You just met me for the first time. How can I besmaller?" "I know. But something about your body didn'tfit right. I can see that you're slightly overweight, but thewidth of your shoulders says that you should be in good shape.But with the stomach you have, says you're not. It's almost likeyou've been shrunk." I chuckled, "That's because I havebeen." As to show her further proof, I showed the tall girlmy ID. Her eyes widen at my true height. She stared down at meand back at the card. "How tall are you now?" "Fourfoot eight. I could have made myself shorter, but I didn't wantto lock myself in my place." "Wow! That iiiis sooocoool! How small can you make yourself?" "Well, I thinkI could make myself about one inch tall, but I'd need to checkthe instructions." Oops! I didn't want to tell her that, butit was too late. She smiled down at me.

The smile told me that I said somethingshe wanted to hear. She glanced around and pretended to scan inthe items I was purchasing. The stuff went into the bag. Istarted to say something, but she quickly motioned for me to saynothing. Quietly she locked up the register machine. She pickedup the phone and dialed a couple of numbers. She said, "Mike,Pam here. Um... I have a gentleman here who has a bad back andneeds my help carrying the stuff to his car... Yes sir, I'vealready locked up the moneybox. Just letting you know where I'llbe... Yes, Mike I'll be back as soon as I can." Pam hung upthe phone. I hadn't realized that she was bare footed behind thecounter until she stepped into her block sandals. It raised heranother eight inches, at least from my point of view. She steppedout from behind the counter and I was treated with a full view ofher shapely legs. She wore a pair of baggy shorts which wasapparently in style for teenagers these days. She chuckled,"Like what you see?" From the look of her eyes, I couldtell that the 17-year-old girl was savoring over our heightdifference. With the block sandals, it made her roughly six toten inches taller than me.

The tall girl snatched up my bag ofclothes and walked with me out the door. She stayed close to meas we moved towards my car. I felt strangely uncomfortable aroundher. From the corner of my eye, I could see that she was gazingme up and down with hunger. I felt my cheeks turn red whichhasn't gone by unnoticed. Pam chuckled, "Am I making youuncomfortable? ... Aww! That is so cute!" she wrapped herthick arm about my shoulders and pulled me closer to her. To mysurprise, she lean down and planted a kiss on the side of myforehead. I stared up at her in shock that prompted her to laugh.She awarded me with another kiss. This time she gave it to me onthe lips. She made this one slow and sensuous. My cock stirred. Iknew something was up. I had to stop it before it got out of hand."Ok Pam, what do you want?" I wanted this over and donewith, without her taking advantage over me. "What do youmean?" "Don't play coy with me. You want something.What is it?" I knew what she was after but I wanted to hearit. "Can't a girl fall in love with someone?" "Atthe rate you're going? I don't think so. Now, what do you want?"I repeated the question. The tall blonde young lady frowned,realizing that I wasn't going to be blinded by lust.

Her arms was till on my shoulders when wearrived at my car. Apparently, she wasn't going to let go of meyet. Managing with one arm, she put my purchase in the car. Afterputting my bag in the car, I turned and looked up at her prettyface. She moved in close to me until I was pressed up against thecar. Her hand slid up and down my arm, which sent goose bumpsdown my spine. "Well?" I waited for her to answer."I want your shrinking machine." "Okay... Whatfor?" "To shrink both of my brothers... I want them tobe my personal foot slave." "What the hell for?""I want revenge. They've been a real pain in the ass to me...I mean... because they got size and muscles, I can't get back atthem. I can't get any time alone with my boyfriend. I wanna makethem both eight inches tall... That way they'll be ones answeringto me... the ones who will be cleaning my room and stuff, insteadof me cleaning up after the damn pigs... And, um, I also want toshrink my boyfriend so that he can't be the one on top of me whenwe @!#$. For a change I want to be the one who does the raping...."She didn't finish what she was saying, but she hasn't stoppedrubbing my arm. Her big blue eyes continued to stare down at me,which made me very uncomfortable. "Pam, I'm sorry to saythis invention only works on one person. I don't know if they canmake another one. Plus this transformation is extremely painful.I'm even afraid to return myself to normal size..." Ifaltered when she stepped closer to me. Because of her oversizeshirt, I wasn't aware how big her breast was.

My face was at level with her breast asshe moved in closer and closer. She pulled her shirt tight,revealing the shape of her massive tits. I tried to say somethingbut words wouldn't come. From within the valley of her cleavage,I looked up into her smiling face. I felt one side of her breastgently stroke my face, letting me know how firm her young boobswere. Suddenly, I knew without looking, she began to rub herthigh against my crotch. Pam was easily winning me over. Her longleg pressed harder against me until I had a full erection. Ifought to keep myself from seizing her. "Couldn't you pleaseask whoever built this thing to make three more? Please?"her warm breath that smelled of bubble gum washed over my face. Ifought to keep telling her 'no'. With Pam's stall supple bodypressed against me, she wasn't going to give me a chance.

I struggled to push her away but with herheight, weight, and density, she had the advantage. "At thispoint, I can ask them, if you like." "No! I don't wantyour promise. I want a guarantee! I promise that I'll make itworth the effort!" her body continued to grind against mysmaller body. "No Pam! I'm not going to get busted forhaving sex with a minor!" "But what if I was to rapeyou? Then you'd have no choice, right?" I could see that shewas determined to get what she wants. "I don't think you'llbe..." before I could finish, she twisted both of my armsbehind me. With one hand, she was able to pin both of my wristtogether. I winced in pain from the pressure as she applied it."Pam! What in the hell are you doing?" "I'mshowing you that if I want to @!#$ you, I will! I'll @!#$ yourbrains out little man!" She stooped down a bit and grabbedmy crotch for emphasis. Her hand was big enough to cup both mycock and balls. Her fingers tighten around my shaft. I know shedidn't have any nails on her fingers, but her grip felt like shehad claws into my rod. The six-foot blonde chuckled, "For apuny guy, you sure pack a lot! Now, are you going to get me whatI asked for?" "Pam! I can't guar-ack!" Her viselike fingers dug into my balls, effectively stopping me in mid-sentence.If it weren't for her hand holding me up, I'd dropped to theground from the pain. "You know, Jake," she purred intomy ear, "I'm getting turned on here. I love having the powerover you. You can't image the thrill I'm getting from this."

Her hand teased my cock, stroking it,urging it to get bigger. Then suddenly her cold fingers wereinside my loose spandex, gripping my cock. She pressed her thumbon top of my cock. I didn't need to be told that she could feelthe pre-cum spilling from the hole. "Oooh! You really likethis, huh?" "Pam! Please let me go! You're hurting me!""I'm not hurting you enough little man! I'm sure you knowfrom past experience of masturbating, that if you don't lubricateyour hand right, masturbation can be a painful experience. Right?"I quickly nodded my head. Her hand quickly warmed up as she beganto stroke the meaty shaft. At first her hand felt dry enough tobe sandpaper. Slowly with the help of the pre-cum, her hand waslubricated enough to smooth the roughness of her hand. "Pam!Please! Don't do this!" I begged her. "Don't do what?Little man, I'm just trying to have a good time here with you!Don't tell me that you're not having a good time here!" Istarted to tell her what I thought until the pressure of her handtold me otherwise. My crotch tighten up, getting ready to climax,but Pam seemed to know how close I was and immediately let up thepressure. My legs trembled from the tension. "Now, do youhave something to say?" her voice had an edge to it. "I'llget what you need. I may have to pull a couple of strings to doit." I hated lying but I had to get away from this woman! Mygut's feeling is telling me that she'll go as far as breaking myarms to get what she wants. The six-foot tall blonde lean downand gave me a kiss on the cheek. "Good little boy! To makesure you keep your end of the bargain,

I'm keeping your card so I know where youlive!" @!#$! I'd forgotten that she still had my driverslicense. I didn't know whether I'd be glad to see her at my placeor not. Kind of hard for me to decide since her hand was in themist of giving me the best hand job I ever had! My girlfriend wasnever this skillful! Sometime during the event, I didn't realizethat the tall blonde cashier had released my arms. With her freehand, she caressed my short hair. Her teeth nibbled around myears, sending short electrical shocks down my back. Almost as ifshe was reading my mind, Pam yanked down my loose black spandexshorts just as my cock shot its load onto the tarmac. I was gladthat I had parked in the back where no one could see me with mypants down. I fought to keep standing while my legs trembled frompure excitement. I leaned back against the car as a puddle ofwhite spunk formed on the ground.

The tall woman smiled, "This is onlya sample of what I can do to you. Better things come along whenyou get the things I want... But I warn you, don't @!#$ with me.I can also make this extremely painful as well!" Before Icould blink, Pam left me at my car. I watched her sexy ass shiftas she walked back to work.

The End.

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