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A Comedown for the Boss

Part I sent by SAZZORay1967 and uploaded on data 05/February/2003 23:48:18

Luke Jeeves was a 21-year-old who stood 5'11",had short blonde hair and blue eyes. He had a good body as hewent to the gym twice a week. He wasn't covered in ripplingmuscles, but kept himself in good shape and he was happy with theway he looked. He had taken a job with a large electronicscompany on leaving college and hoped that one-day maybe he wouldhave his own key to the executive washroom. This of course was along way in the future as he was only an assistant to one of thetop executives already there. This was Grant Olson, he stood at amagnificent 6'6" with slick dark hair and a moustache, hewas 42 and worked out in the company gym three or four times aweek. You could easily tell this with how his thin white cottonshirt showed off his enormous chest. He was a straight guy butwith the looks of a movie star and he knew it. He treated Lukelike a slave.

Someone to do all his fetching andcarrying. And as he stood 7" taller than Luke it made himfeel all the more superior. He called Luke only by his surname,as calling his assistant Jeeves made him sound more like hisbutler, which Grant loved. Luke took all this in his stride as hehad the hots for his gorgeous boss. But he just wanted Grant totreat him with a little respect. Luke would work in the technicallabs on little electronic gadgets to amuse himself when Grantbullied him too much, using the excuse he had some mail to takedown at the mailroom. He was quite q whiz with electronics andthe likes and had a real passion for tinkering with all the bitsand pieces in the labs. It was Friday afternoon and almosteveryone else had left the office early, but Grant was not goingto let Luke slip away.

Grant had lots of work to finish and ifhe had to stay so did Luke. There was nothing for Luke to do butsit around the office, but if the big man said stay then stay hemust. "Here runt take these down to the mailroom."Grant ordered flinging some letters at Luke. "But all themailroom staff has left already." Luke protested. "Lookyou little shit, if I say take them then take them you will. WhenI have to start looking up to you then you can give the orders,until that day you do as I say." Grant laughed at thethought of ever having to look up to a short runt like Luke. Lukewent off down to the mailroom and as he had expected it waslocked up. Well as he was down here and there was nothing for himto do in the office he went to the labs. It wouldn't matter if noone was there he had a key himself. He looked around for somebits to mess with but there was nothing. He then remembered theold calculator in his pocket that Grant had wanted him to throw."Hmmm, I wander if I can do anything with this old thing."He said getting the calculator out of his jacket pocket. He laidit on the desktop and got to work.

Once the back was off he could see whatthe problem was. One of the circuits had fused with another so hewould need to replace them both. He searched the lab for any kindof circuitry there was to use or modify. Then in the back of adrawer he found some bits. They looked a little odd but if hecould get them to work what the hell. He managed to get thecircuits to fit and the back was replaced. Now to see if thething worked. Luke switched on the tiny gadget and it seemed tobe working. He typed in a simple sum but the calculator justfizzed and went blank. Luke threw it into the bin. It then glowedblue and the strangest thing happened. The waste bin slowly beganto grow. "What the," Luke yelled, then noticed that theplus button on the calculator was stuck down. He grabbed for themachine and forced the button free. Now that the button hadbecome unstuck the bin stopped growing. This intrigued Luke whowanted to know more. He pressed on the plus button and aimed itat the bin, it once more began to grow. On releasing the buttonit stopped. He tried the minus button and the bin shrank. Hetried the other buttons but none worked. "Well it would seemI have found the perfect toy." Said Luke to himself.

He looked at his watch and seeing howlong he had been away rushed back to the office. "And wherethe fuck have you been you little punk, I have had to make my owncoffee. That's what you're here for." Yelled a very irateGrant. "Where is that calculator you were meant to throw, Ican't find it in the bin anywhere?" "Its here sir."Replied Luke. Grant snatched it off him and tried to use it."What the fuck have you done to it now? At least before ithad a bit of life in it. I will see to it that you lose your jobhere for theft. You are nothing more than a parasite on thiscompany, a bug, and an insect. You tiny insignificant little fool.""No please sir, it does still work. Here let me show you."Luke picked up the calculator off the desk and aiming it in thedirection of his huge 6'6" boss he pressed on the minusbutton. Immediately Grant began to shrink. Luke didn't want toshrink him too much, not at first anyway. To begin with he justshrank him down by about 10 inches, just enough so that his onceformerly tall boss would have to look up to him for once. "Well,have you got the fucking thing to work or not?" DemandedGrant.

He stood up and walked in the directionof Luke. Something was amiss though, because as he got closer henoticed he was no longer able to look down at his short assistant."You got lifts in those shoes or what?" Demanded Grantcrossly. "No Grant" replied Luke with a smirk on hisface. "How's it feel to be looking up to me for a change?""Don't get so cocky Jeeves, I don't know what you're up tobut when I find out I will make sure you're for the high jump,mark my words." Luke had put up with a lot from his hugetall god, but now he was getting a little pissed off. He was thebigger one now and was going to demand the respect he had earned."Look get over there and make me a coffee Grant."Ordered Luke. "Don't you go giving me orders you little shit,and I thought I told you always to call me sir." "No Ithink it is you who should start calling me sir. And when I tellyou to do something I expect you to do it without question. Likeyou said Grant, when you start having to look up to me then I cangive the orders." Luke loved his newfound superiority overhis boss, "and hey you are only a short thing now.""I will never look up to you and as for your orders."Grant was stopped mid sentence as Luke aimed the calculator athim again and watched as Grant shrank more rapidly.

Within seconds he was only 3 inches tall.Luke looked down on his tiny boss who was jumping up and downscreaming at the top of his voice. Luke took it that these wereobscenities as all he could hear from such a distance were tinysqueaks. He reached down and wrapping his huge hand around hisastounded boss lifted him up and placed him on the desk. "Striplittle man," ordered Luke "Fuck you, you little queer."Retorted Grant. "Now lets get things right here Grant, oneyou are the little one and argue again and you could findyourself much smaller. And two, that should have been, fuck you,you little queer SIR. Now I won't ask you again, if you don'tstrip yourself then I will have to strip you myself and I canguarantee not to be gentle about it." Luke was enjoying this.Grant reluctantly began to strip but stopped at his underwear."That's your lot, I will not take these off in front of aravening queer." Grant braved. Luke was really gettingpissed over this and without a word he picked up a pencil in onehand and grabbed Grant in the other. With the lead of the pencilhe forced it into the tiny briefs and slid them down the flailingbody of his once formally huge boss. Seeing the huge hard on hisboss had Luke laughed. "Well there tiny guy, I now know whyyou didn't want to take those off." Grant was both angry andhumiliated at this.

How this had happened he did not know,why was a mystery too, all he did know was that he didn't like itand wanted to return to normal. "Find some help you fucker,get someone here who knows what has happened to me, NOW."Demanded Grant. "There's no need for that, I know whathappened to you, and infact I am the one who did this to you."Grinned Luke. "What, why, how. Reverse it or you will be outof a job." "Ok, why? Because you are a completearsehole to me and every one else in this building. How? Thecalculator, I modified it and this was the result. As for beingout of a job, I don't think so. You see who will tell them, atyour size no one will even see you, let alone hear you and they'llprobably think you are just a bug and step on you." Granttook a large gulp as he realised what was said was true. "Nowwhere is your key to the executive washroom?" "In mypocket." Grant now laughed. "Well it's of no use to youat it's tiny size is it you shit. Grant watched as Luke aimed thecalculator at the pile of clothes and they grew. In no time theywere back to full size. "Hey if you can do my clothes youcan do me." Pleaded Grant. "I have some plans for youyet my toy." Retorted Luke. He picked up the tiny man by hisankle and walked to the washroom dangling his boss upside down.

Once they were inside Luke slid off hisshoes to let his feet breath. He stripped himself of all hisclothes except his warm sweaty socks. He closed the door andlocked it in case there were any others left in the building. Andthen he sat on the floor with his legs out stretched. He put histiny captive on the floor at his socked feet. "Right tinyman your first job is to take off both my sweaty socks."Ordered the giant. "Fuck you." Was the reply? "Lookyou little shit, I can make you smaller and crush you or I canmake you full size again. Disobey my orders and guess which one Iwill choose." Yelled Luke down at his tiny toy. Grant feltHe was left with no other choice than to do this job of takingthe huge sweaty socks off his Master Luke's feet. At hisdiminutive 3 inch size it was a lot of work to get the socks offthe large feet of this giant and his master was going to offer noassistance. He had to grab the top with both hands and reallydrag with all his strength to pull it down. Once to the heel hehad to crawl underneath and lay on his back to pull the socksover the sole, hoping that the foot stayed off the ground. It washard work and the tiled floor was cold on his tiny body at first,but at least the smoothness made it easy for him to slide hisbody to pull the sock off. Once the sock had gone past the ballof the foot he slid out and walked round to the toes and grabbedand pulled. There seemed to be meters of the stuff and in the endhe fell onto his ass. The sock came down on top of him. Lukecould see the tiny form fighting with the sock trying to get itoff. Grant was furious at having the sweaty thing cover his body.Now he had to do the same thing all over again. He felt so tiredfrom the first sock that the second took even longer. But in timethe deed was done. Grant dragged the socks to one side anddropped to the floor exhausted. "What do you think you aredoing just sitting there my tiny toy slave, your work here hasonly just begun? Why did you think I wanted you to take off mysocks? The idea was that once you had taken them off you gave myaching feet a good massage. And that is both feet.

Then when you have done that you canclean them for me." Laughed the giant Luke. Grant feelinglike the worthless slave he now was set to work on the first foot,thinking if he did a good job maybe his tormentor may justrestore him to his full size. This task seemed to take foreverbut soon enough he had finished one and began work on the other.Luke was most surprised how Grant was working; he had expectedmuch more fuss over having to massage two feet that each was morethan 3 times his size. When he had got both feet done he sat downonce more. "Hey there slave did I not tell you that you hadto clean them for me as well?" "I'm tired, I need torest, anyway if you want me to clean them you have to get me somewater don't you?" Screamed the tiny 3-inch boss. "Anyway,I am starving; I haven't eaten all day." "It still hasn'tsunk in yet has it? You are nothing more than my toy slave, whenI tell you I want you to clean them I don't mean with soap andwater. No you must lick them clean, and should there be any typeof crud there you must eat it, that will satisfy your hunger, soget to work." "What, if you think I am going to lickthe filthy soles of your feet then you know what you can do don'tyou." Yelled the tiny guy. "I don't really think youhave a lot of choice little man. Lick of shrink you tell me?"Luke angrily retorted. "Fuck you, I will not eat your toejam so you can just go fuck." With that Luke aimed thecalculator at his prize and he began to shrink once more. It wasonly a matter of seconds before Grant was down to a couple ofmillimetres. Screaming in a voice that made no sound at all tothe human ear the tiny figure pleaded to be made bigger.

Luke understood what his pet was askingand grew him back but this time to only 2 inches. "As apunishment you will have to work that little bit harder."Ordered Luke. With that, the now 2 inch tall naked man set towork on licking the two huge feet of his master. He didn't liketo admit it but he was actually quite enjoying the feeling oflicking the soles of this giant man. Pressed up against the hugebare sole his tiny dick became hard. He continued to lick and hadto shimmy his way up the foot to reach the toes to lick them.Once he had reached the top of the big toe he carried on lickingand kissing his giant masters toe, rubbing his own tiny formagainst the toe. The rubbing motion from his entire licking madehim even harder and quickly he shot his tiny load onto theunderside of his master's big toe. Luke felt the hardened cockagainst his sole and the short burst of moist liquid that randown and smiled to himself. "Well, well my little man youare enjoying yourself. But you realise that you have only mademore mess for yourself to clean off." Luke laughed at thisand his foot shook which toppled Grant over. Luke took thisopportunity to lower his foot over his captive and press his hugetoes into the tiny mans face. Grant struggled with this newweight on his tiny body, although it was not crushing him, he wasfrightened that his master might just get carried away and putmore pressure on that he intended. With the huge toes in his facehe couldn't even scream for his master to stop. Noticing thefrantic flailing Luke lifted his foot and put it down at his pets'side.

Grant leaned against it and began to jerkhimself off. Luke looked down at his toy and grinned. He toodecided to jerk himself off, and holding his own huge dick above,Grant he began to massage his meat. As he rubbed his hand up anddown his monstrous cock he felt his balls lift and tighten, heknew it wouldn't be long now. As he looked down at his tinycaptive resting against his foot he let rip with his massive load.Aiming his dick straight at Grant, Luke shot his wad right at hisboss's face and body. Grant was covered from head to toe in thewarm sticky juices. There was so much surrounding him that he wasalmost swimming in the stuff. Upset and infuriated, Grant beganscreaming at his master, until he noticed the giant hand moveclose to the calculator. This made foe a change of heart in thetiny mans reaction. Quickly he was on all fours begging for hismaster not to shrink him any more. Luke looked down at his formerboss who now stood at a poultry 2 inches and grinned, he hadnever had such power over one person in his entire life. He lovedhis new status as giant and master, especially over Grant, theman who always acted so superior to him. Now look at the tiny manall covered in cum and begging for his life. "Stop beggingslave, I aren't going to shrink you, not yet anyway."Laughed Luke. "Please master I need to take piss, whereshould I go?" Shouted up the tiny man. "Here let meshow you my pet." Luke said as his huge hand came down andwrapped it's large fingers round the struggling figure.

Luke placed Grant into the urinal andlooked at the pathetic form in the white porcelain bowl. "Nowmy tiny man you can go and piss away to your hearts content."Grant knelt in the urinal, as it was too slippery to stand andpissed like his life depended on it. "My, my little man, Ididn't think you could hold so much," grinned Luke down onGrant, his own huge cock waving over the bowl. "Well tinyboss man you aren't the only one who needs to go." And withthat he began to spray his own warm piss into the bowl. Grantcrawled around the bowl to try and keep out of the shower, buteverywhere he went Luke re-aimed his cock at him so he wascontinually covered. Grant hated this but dared not say anythingthat might upset Luke for fear of being shrunk. Once Luke hadfinished he picked out the tiny man and dropped him in the sinkand turned on the cold water. Grant screamed from the shock hegot from the cold, but just cleaned himself up. Luke thengathered up his clothes slipping on his shirt and trousers. Heput Grant into the pocket and checking to see if the coast wasclear, he ran back to the office. Once safely back he sat at thelarge desk and put his prize there too.

He picked up the tiny clothes of his bossand tossed them into the bin. "Hey those are mine, what am Imeant to wear now?" Retorted Grant. Luke looked sternly athis boss as he rested his gigantic feet on the desk in front ofhis pet, "Why nothing little man; foot slaves don't wearclothes. Believe me, you won't need clothes for your new role inlife." Grant looked in horror, as it became evident he wasnot going to be made back to his normal size for a very long timeif ever. He looked over at the ever-expanding penis of his masterprotruding from the unfastened trousers. "Well, it lookslike it's time for you to go to work again slave. Climb onto mylegs and get your tiny body here NOW." Ordered Luke. Grantthought about refusing until he noticed the fidgeting hand on thecalculator. He scrambled up the leg and ran as fast as he couldtowards the cock. Once there without a word he began to massagethe ball sacks with his tiny feet. All the while the cock abovehim grew. He knew he was doing a good job when the odd dropseeped from high above him. He then wrapped his arms around thecock and began to climb. He could use the veins to help him withhis feet and quicker than he expected was at the top. He thenlooked over to his giant for orders. "Lick my slit boss man,and do it well. You wouldn't want to upset me now would you?"Grant just shook his head and got to work. He pressed his headagainst the slit and ran his tongue around the inside.

This wasn't as bad as he had expected,infact he was enjoying it as much himself as his master seemed tobe. He became so engrossed in his work he never even noticed thejuices rising until he was hit in the face. The force was justtoo much and he was knocked backwards. He landed on Luke'sstomach, as he watched streams of the warm white sticky substanceshot into the air. He saw them shoot off in the direction of hismaster's feet. He was so glad that he was not going to getcovered a second time. But then the huge cock fell down on top ofhim and he could hardly breath. "Who would have ever thoughtthat one mans dick could weigh so much." He said to himself,his arms and legs splayed out of both sides. He struggled for awhile and then a gigantic hand came and moved the cock off hisbody. He scrambled out as the dick was let to flop back down. Helooked towards his young giant with gratitude, only to be metwith a sly smile. "Grant my little foot licker, there is onemore job for you tonight. My toes are covered with cum and it isyour job to lick it off before you can go to sleep." "But,master please, I am so tired." Begged the 2-inch toy. "Youwill be even more tired if you have to do it at only 1 inch tallthough." With that Grant hung his head and slowly made hisway back to the feet of his giant.

At least it only landed on one foot, hethought to himself. He scaled the foot and began to lick. He hadnever had to work so hard in his entire life. He never did finishthe job; he fell asleep from total exhaustion before the deed wasdone. Luke smiled down and let his pet sleep, after all there wastomorrow to do it all again.

The End.

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