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Part I sent by SAZZORay1967 and uploaded on data 06/February/2003 16:33:20

Jake Lazarus was a big time hood, he wasinto everything, drugs, prostitution and money laundering, and hewas getting away with it all. He was 6 foot 5 inches tall withthick dark hair and a pencil thin moustache to go with his tannedcomplexion. He had the body of a god, which was quite fitting ashe thought of himself as just that and expected everyone to treathim as such. He dressed very chic in designer suits in hand madecowboy boots and woven silk socks. Only the best was good enoughand no one was ever going to get the better of him, no matter howhard they tried. Greg Waterstone was a cop who had once been agood and honest officer but now was prepared to do anything hecould to secure himself a lifestyle good enough to retire on. Hesaw his chance when he pulled in two of Jake's girls and theybegan to talk. After they spilled enough information Greg letthem go. He got off work at around 5:30pm and headed straight forJakes sleazy nightclub where he knew he would be sure to find thepimp. When he gets there, there are two gorilla looking goonsguarding the door. Greg flashes his badge "I got a warrantto search this place so be good boys and step aside". <BR><BR>He pulls out his gun and pushes it intoone of the goons' nose." Go on try something; I would justlove you to do that, jerk." He pushes past and walks intothe smart office. Jake is sitting in his expensive leather chairbehind a glass-topped desk. "Well officer what can I do foryou, I hear you have a warrant? You want to search this placeshow me the paperwork or my boys will take you out back and takecare of you." "There's no warrant, I just wanted to seethe arsehole that the two hookers I pulled earlier were ravingabout, the one who takes such good care of his girls as he hasmoney to burn." "So dick shit like what you see, can Ifix you up with something, one of my girl's maybe?" "Callme Greg, as we are going to be doing business together we may aswell get the formalities over with now. Yes you can fix me upwith something, like $500,000, give me that and I keep quietabout what the whores told me, don't and you will be in the penfor a very long time." Greg knowing he has the upper hand onthis drug-dealing pimp grins slyly. "I can come backtomorrow to collect." "You think you are such a big manGregory, but just you remember, when you take your first paymentyou are in my pocket." Jake laughs at this. "I havealways wanted to have a cop in my back pocket. Well there is noneed to come back; I keep that kind of pin money here. Drink tocement the deal then?" "Sure why not, scotch no ice."For once Greg feels he is getting the good deal. "I shouldhave come to see you sooner; it looks like crime pays." Jakepours the drinks and slips some white powder into Greg's glass,swirling the glass the powder dissolves. "Here, I get themoney, enjoy." Jake goes to put on some music as Greg swigshis drink back in one. "Look I have things to do, so themoney now so I can leave ok?" Greg stands and feels a littlewhoosey. "Shit, that is sure some strong stuff you got there.""What the drink or the little extra I slipped in?""What, you little fucker, you'll pay for that, the price hasjust gone up, it's $750,000 to keep quiet now." "I don'tthink so; in fact I bet it won't cost me a dime." Greg feelsa strange tingling move through his body, from his stomach andmoving outwards in all directions. "What the fuck did yougive me? What the fuck is happening?" "Like I said, Ialways wanted a cop in my pocket, and pretty soon you will besmall enough to fit right in. Don't play with the big boys, youwill never win." Greg has begun to shrink. He is alreadydown to 4 feet from his original 6-foot frame. His clothes areloose around his ever-decreasing body. <BR><BR>He reaches for his gun, but with hishands now hidden inside sleeves that are much too long can't gethold of it. He begins to run for the door, his feet slip out ofhis now too big shoes, his socks slip off and his trousers fall.He trips and lands in a heap on the floor. Shrinking more rapidly,he soon reaches the meagre size of 2 inches. Jake watches on infascination. The processes of his victims becoming smaller alwaysmade him want to watch. He lifts up one foot and pulls off hisboot and then the next. He then slowly slides off his sweaty silksocks, one after the other. He stands up on his expensive carpet,barefoot. Crawling out of his own gigantic clothes Greg looks upat the huge form of Jake, a now barefoot giant to his puny 2 inchform. "What the fuck have you done to me? What are you goingto do with me?" "You fool, I have shrunk you of course,and it is just payback. You didn't think I was going to let youget away with blackmail, it's against the law. You are going towish you never entered this office." Fearful for his verylife Greg races for cover to the first place he can get, underthe table. He looks out at Jakes enormous feet on the shag pile,each one big enough to crush the very life out of him. "There's nowhere to hide bug. This is my office and I know everyinch of it, there will be no escape for you, not now, not ever.You are now the property of Jake Lazarus, my new toy, and my petto do with, as I wish, to dispose of anyway I like." Greglooks for somewhere better to hide somewhere with more coverage.The modern furniture doesn't afford much in the way of places ofsafety for someone so small. Jake slide his humongous feet underthe desk after his new play thing. His toes searching for thetiny guy. Greg backs away from the probing toes. <BR><BR>Looking down through the glass toppeddesk Jake watches as the miniscule cop darts from side to sidetrying to escape the chasing toes. He laughs at the sight of the2-inch naked form on his new carpet. Greg looks up at thelaughter of his giant tormentor through the glass. He asses hispredicament, a once 6 foot muscular cop reduced to a 2 inch nakedtoy of this giant pimp. Greg makes a dash for the door, it seemsto be taking forever for him to make any headway at all, but hejust has to keep going. Jake pushes his chair away and in justtwo strides is ahead of his new pet. Jake slams his foot down infront of his prey and Greg runs smack bang into it. "Andwhere do you think you are going?" Jake nudges the tiny manwith his foot sending him flying onto his back. Greg cowers onthe carpet. "Please don't step on me, for god's sake havemercy and let me live." Begs the tiny form. Jake lifts hismasculine well-manicured feet above the 2 inch tall mans head.Greg scrambles on all fours, as the shadow of the humongous footgrows, and it is slowly lowered on top of his miniscule body.Jake can feel the squirming and wriggling of his foot toy beneathhis toes. Greg can feel the pressure against his back andbuttocks, and the manly smell of foot sweat and the foot colognemakes him dizzy. Jake unzips his expensive trousers and lets hishuge hard dick flop out into the fresh air. The tiny man squirmssome more and Jake can just hear the faint cries of forgiveness. <BR><BR>The 2-inch guy claws at the carpet to tryand free himself, but to no avail. The giant rubs his huge barefoot up and down on the tiny form making him more aroused thanever. The tiny cop is disgusted that his captor is getting off onthis, but is more ashamed of himself when he feels his own penisgrow hard. He could die any second and he is turned on by it,this just isn't right. The continued rubbing soon puts a stop tothis feeling as his whole body gets carpet burn from the rapidfriction of his towing and frowing. His tiny screams of pain arelost in the giant's ecstasy. Jake can feel his sacks tighten ashe is about to explode. He leans back, releasing the hold he hason his pet, as he is about to release his load. Feeling his newfound freedom, Greg gets to his feet and races for his life. Hestops to catch his breath and looks over his shoulder to see ifJake is following him, as he doesn't trust the giant. For all heknows this could just be a ploy to see what he might do. Jakereaches climax and shoots his wad, right into the face of the onlooking cop. The cum keeps shooting and the tiny guy is coveredfrom head to toe in the warm salty sticky juices. He stands theredripping, his hairy chest matted from the cum. The smell of freshsemen surrounds his body. He feels so humiliated and degraded,how could he be reduced to this? An hour ago he thought he hadthe world in his hands and now he was just a speck on a carpet.He is stood in the centre of a huge puddle of warm cum. He triesto get free but just slips and slides on the mess. Strangelythough he is still hard himself. He crawls out of the puddle andwipes his body on the clean carpet. Jake looks down at thepathetic little man and laughs, "You pathetic creature, youare worse scum than the kind you thought I was. <BR><BR>You are the law and break it for your owngood. You don't deserve to live." Greg spies a stray staplein the carpet, it won't do much damage but it might just buy hima little extra running time. He picks it up and charges at thebeautiful male bare foot. With all the force he can muster heplunges the staple into his tormentor's foot. "You fuckinglittle shit you will pay dearly for that mistake." Screamsthe giant. He reaches for the minute man and wraps his giantfingers around the tiny form. Lifting him high into the air, upto his face he opens his palm. The toy man falls on his backlooking with anguish at the huge face. Jake sticks out his tongueand begins to lick the chest of his pet; it lowers down to thetiny erect dick, and licks all the goo from his body. The tinyman is still hard, as he has not yet shot his wad. The feeling ofthe rough tongue causes him to explode his lot onto his giantmaster's tongue. To him it seems like buckets of the stuff, toJake it is a matter of a few drops. The warm wet tongue pushesits little victim over and caresses the back of the little man,it moves slowly down until it touches his arse. The miniscule copcan feel the end of the tongue penetrate his butt. This feels sogood to the tiny figure, but he should be appalled. He should notbe enjoying this at all. He moans with ecstasy at the feeling.The tiny moans and the feeling of his own tongue make Jake hardall over again. Greg looks round with a scowl at his captor formaking a straight guy feel things that only a gay guy should; yethe is surrendering to it. The hand moves from the face and thetongue sticks out. The tiny guy is dropped onto the warm roughflesh. It curls around his 2-inch body and retracts back into themouth. The tiny man is kicking for all he is worth. The feelingof those tiny bare feet kicking in side his mouth just makes Jakemore aroused than ever. Never in his life has he felt this good.The tongue slaps him from side to side in the warm dark cavern ofa mouth. <BR><BR>The tiny man is helpless towards thislump of flesh. Covered with human saliva, the little figure isspit back out onto the warm palm of the giant's hand. Never hasthe tiny cop felt so horny and degraded in his life. From hisvantage point he can see that while he was inside the mouth hisgiant captor had unfastened his trousers and let them fall to hisankles. What was going to happen to him now, were the onlythoughts racing through his mind? He didn't have long to wait, tofind out his fate. The huge fingers tightened around his body,almost squeezing the last breath from his body. He was takenround to the back of his giant master as Jake lay face down onthe glass-topped desk. With his free hand Jake forced open hissoft smooth butt cheeks. Realising his fate Greg struggles forfreedom. "No, no you can't be serious. You just can't dothis to me. Nothing I have done warrants this kind of treatment.Please, please not this." Begs the petrified cop. Pryingopen his arse hole he slides the well lubed and franticallykicking tiny bare feet. Forcing him in up to his knees. "I'mnot some fucking human dildo, let me go." The giant arsetightens around its tiny prisoner. His minute bare feet kickingwildly inside the arse of the giant. To Jake this is the mostexhilarating feeling he has ever had. He begins to jack himselfoff but this just pulls the tiny captive further in, he is suckedup to his waist. <BR><BR>With one last slurp he is sucked in up tohis neck. The tiny man screams abuse. This only aggravates Jakeand he lets his butt cheeks slap together covering Greg's head.There is a knock at the door. Jake quickly pulls up his trousersover his pet, plunging him into total darkness. Jake sits in hischair and the force plunges the tiny cop all the way in. Insidethe giant arse the tiny man slips and slides until he gets hisgrip. He is covered from head to toe in arse slime, and the smell.He claws for freedom, but to no avail. The visitor is sent away,and not wanting his pet dead just yet he forces open his arsehole with his finger. Greg grabs on and feels himself beingpulled to his freedom, but from this nightmare to what. Could heface a fate more horrifying than this? The tiny man is droppedinto a picture of cold water. He treads water to try and keepfrom drowning. At least he can feel the water wash away the slimeand cum and saliva. Jake pours himself a glass of water and thetiny cop comes with it, like a waterfall, he is forced into theglass. The water almost comes to the top of the glass and so Gregmanages to pull himself out and land with a splat onto the glasstopped desk. Wet and exhausted, he just lies there on the desklooking up at his captor. Next to him is a fountain pen, and thelid is off. He stands and grabs for it. With the nib he forces itinto Jakes hand. He draws blood and feels a shallow victory."Why you fucking little shit, you are really trying mypatience. You won't survive this day if you keep up with trickslike that." Screams Jake now bleeding onto his desk. Withhis bloodstained hand he brings it towards his tiny toy. Greg isstill swinging the pen from side to side. <BR><BR>He walks backwards, not noticing Jakesother hand behind him backs right into his grip. The sheer shockof it causes him to drop the pen. The fingers wrap around hisminiscule body. The smell of warm sweating flesh fills the tinyguy's nostrils. He struggles, but can feel the anger of hiscaptor as the grip is tightened. "You helpless patheticcreature. Did you ever for one second think I would let you getaway with black mail, you must be more stupid than you look?"Snarls Jake. "Wait till I grow back to full size, you'll besorry." "And what exactly makes you think you ever willgrow back?" Stunned at the thought of living his life out assome human foot toy, Greg's mouth just drops. "You are mypet for as long as you live." "No, jeez, no this can'tbe true. You have no right, let me go you pervert." "Youweren't the first man to have my special drink, and you won't bethe last." Jake carries his prize over to a locked cupboard.He unlocks the door to show you a cupboard full of tiny cages,ten in all. In each cage is a 2-inch tall naked man, all stoodthere crying for their freedom? "And there on the top shelfis a cage for you, your home if you learn some manners.""Men my size in cages, you are mad. You'll not get away withthis. The police will come here looking for me." "Noone will come. You came here to blackmail me don't forget. So noone even knows you came here. You would never have told anyoneyou were coming here with that on your mind. You are a helplessfool. You tried to mess with the big boys and were cut down tosize. Lets face it you are nothing more than a no good looser.""Let me go you fucker. If you put me in a cage I will escapesomehow and then your game will be up." "Do you know Ibelieve you might be right? It seems there will be no reasoningwith you at all. <BR><BR>A shame really because that only leavesme with one other option." Greg is dropped onto the desk. AsJake turns away to get a camcorder to film his tiny victims lastfew seconds the tiny captive climbs down the telephone wire. Jakeis setting the camera up under the desk. He spots his toy. Gregjumps the last bit and lands on all fours. He scrambles to hisfeet and breathlessly runs for his final time. Jake walkshurriedly up and past Greg. With one flick of his huge toes Gregis flung onto his back. He can do nothing as he sees thehumongous bare sole come down on top of him. The toes clenchedaround his helpless body. He feels his legs break. The tiny bodyis pressed without mercy into the carpet. The tiny figure blacksout from both pain and exhaustion. Jake lifts the limp tinyfigure up and drops him onto the desk once more. He starts thecamera filming and stands on the reinforced glass topped desk.One foot at either side of his tiny guy. Greg regainsconsciousness and stares up at the huge figure above him. Hecannot move. The giant grins an evil grin down at the patheticform. "No one does the dirty on me and gets away with it.Now you will pay." "Fuck off you bastard." Muttersthe almost lifeless 2-inch cop. The giant foot is lifted into theair for one last time. It is slowly brought down onto thehelpless figure. Greg puts up his arms even though he knows theyare no match. He sees the sole grow bigger and bigger as it getscloser to him. Jake can feel the tiny bones crack and crunchunder the weight. This is the ultimate feeling of power. Jakecums for the last time that day all over his desk. He twists histoes, grinding the last bit of body into a tiny smudge, a littlepiece of pulp. He falls back into his huge leather chair andtakes out his hanky from his breast pocket. He wipes the stainoff his desk and his toes. He smells the hanky and tosses it intothe waste paper bin. Then he reaches down to switch off thecamcorder. He can watch the final few minuets of the tiny cop'slife over and over again, and jack off over his demise each andevery time. <BR><BR>The end. <BR><BR>

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